Our experienced team of brokers works closely with you to ensure you select the most appropriate policy to protect your practice.

Support to Effectively Manage Your Business Risks

From April 1, 2015 the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced the following outcome to their code of conduct:

“You assess and purchase the level of professional indemnity insurance cover that is appropriate for your current and past practice, taking into account potential levels of claim by your clients and others and any alternative arrangements you or your client may make”.

Prior to October 1, 2015, firms were required to take out and maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) of at least £2million on any one claim.

While this may have proved sufficient for small provincial practices, such limits may now leave some practices exposed.

Our rigorous risk assessment will satisfy the SRA, providing you with reassurance and evidence that a ‘reasonable’ and ‘rational’ assessment has been undertaken.  We will help you put an appropriate level of cover in place to protect your business.

We have direct access to a unique facility, 100% underwritten by an ‘A’ rated insurer with significant experience of the Solicitors’ PI market. This ensures that we can obtain terms on your behalf without overlapping or hindering the process being carried out by your incumbent broker. It also ensures that you are extending your reach into the market and exploring wider options.

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Benefits

  • Direct access to a unique facility with an ‘A’ rated insurer
  • Competitive premiums for firms with 2 or more partners with no restriction on the type or amount of work you undertake
  • Flexible policy periods up to 18 months
  • Premium finance options
  • Access to a bespoke range of solicitors’ insurance products including ‘Warranty free’ Office Insurance, Cyber & Data Protection, and Management Liability (COLP and COFA)
  • A dedicated solicitors’ team available all year round with over 35 years’ experience

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If you already have a completed proposal form for someone else, you can send this directly to us, as we can often work from other proposal forms.

Alternatively, you may apply for a quote from us by downloading, completing and returning the following electronic forms as appropriate:

Conveyancing Questionnaire (PDF)

Critical Management Controls (PDF)

Personal Injury Questionnaire (PDF)

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