Real Estate & Property Insurance

Whether you are an individual owning a single commercial or residential investment property or an institutional investor requiring cover for a complex UK or international property portfolio, Integro have the sector expertise and access to markets to deliver the right insurance solution to meet your needs.

Areas of Expertise and Products

In addition to traditional asset / revenue protection and legal liability covers, our real estate team advises and assists in placing an array of related insurance covers, including the following:

  •  Terrorism
  • Engineering Inspection & Insurance
  • Environmental Impairment
  • Construction & Development risks
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

We have a dedicated in-house claims team to ensure that when a loss does occur you receive a swift resolution to any resulting claim.  We work closely with property management companies and property-owning clients' banks and legal advisors to ensure that their insurance cover meets the demands of the lender prior to the release of funding.

Please contact us now for more information on how we can help you protect your investment assets.