All schools are required to pay employees during periods of Maternity and Adoption Leave absence. If your school / academy follows, or has TUPE contracts which comply, with the ‘Terms and Conditions of Teachers Employment in England and Wales’ (Burgundy Book), you will need to understand what your financial commitments to staff will be during periods Maternity and Adoption Leave.

Our policy offers insured schools lump sum benefits for absence as a result of Maternity and Adoption Leave. These lump sum benefits have been designed to make up the deficit between what can be re-claimed via Statutory Maternity / Adoption Pay (SMP) and what a school may need to pay for Occupational Maternity/Adoption Pay (OMP).

A teacher’s entitlement to occupational maternity and adoption leave pay (OMP) is summarised below:

Four weeks of full pay; two weeks at 90% of normal pay; 12 weeks at half normal pay plus SMP (as long as it does not exceed full pay); 21 weeks of SMP/MA and 13 weeks of unpaid leave. The ‘employer’ can claim back SMP through reduced NI payments. The proportion varies, dependent on the amount of NI paid. It is currently 103% SMP if NI payments are £45k or less per year, or 92% of SMP if they are more than £45k.

Table A below summaries a teacher’s entitlement to OMP and it also assumes the amount of SMP that can be recovered by the school. This example is for a school that makes more than £45k of NI contributions annually:

Table A

Week Teacher SMP Entitlement as follows: Amount School can reclaim from HMRC: Amount of OMP teacher should receive from school:
1-4 90% of pay 92% of statutory pay Full Pay
5-6 90% of pay 92% of statutory pay 90% of pay
7-18 £139.58 92% of statutory pay Half Pay + SMP
19-39 £139.58 92% of statutory pay SMP

Table B below shows how the entitlement is applied to a teacher employed in a North West Local Authority, at the top of the main pay range from September 2015 (i.e. a teacher receiving an annual salary of £32,831.) Calculations have been made based on a gross weekly income of £631.36 and are for illustration purposes only. The illustration however does not account for NI, tax deductions or pension contributions but is based on the gross salary. This will provide an indication of the level of deficit a school may incur. We would advise schools to refer to their payroll provider to establish the exact financial deficit.

Table B

Week Teacher SMP Entitlement as follows: Amount School can reclaim from HMRC: Amount teacher should receive from school: Amount of Deficit between Entitlement and Reclaimable SMP.
1-4 £ 2,272.90 £ 2,091.07 £ 2,525.44 £ 434.37
5-6 £ 1,136.45 £ 1,045.53 £ 1,136.45 £ 90.92
7-18 £ 1,674.96 £ 1,540.92 £ 3,788.16 + £ 1,674.96 £ 3,922.20
19-39 £ 2,931.18 £ 2,696.61 £ 2,931.18 £ 234.57
Totals £ 8, 015.49 £ 7,374.13 £ 12,056.19 £ 4,682.06

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