Meet Integro. A Better Insurance Brokerage.

Since 2005, we’ve pioneered a unique approach to managing risk that should be commonplace – we put our clients first. We didn’t set out to create the largest insurance brokerage in the world, just the best. That approach has paid off with consistent growth in clients, revenue and service. Today, we’re not just a better insurance brokerage, we’re making risk management better. Large or small, complex or simple, delicate or straightforward, your business challenges demand personal, precise solutions and Integro is the partner to provide them.

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Our Clients

Around the world, our brokers specialise in providing innovative, personal solutions to a wide variety of commercial and private clients with large, complex or delicate risks and specialised insurance needs. Our clients span a variety of industries and include large companies, small and midsize businesses and individuals. Get to know Integro and discover a refreshingly personal, intensely analytical and consistently thorough approach to managing risk.