Mergers & Acquisitions


Integro’s international analysts and brokers have a long history of helping startups, acquired firms and private organizations navigate the challenges of mergers and acquisitions. From negotiations to closing deals to operations, our team of M&A experts can help you protect equity and intellectual capital. Whether your business is just beginning or it’s been booming for decades, our risk management analysis can provide an accurate view of your company’s viability and stability.

Mergers & Acquisitions Key Facts

Integro’s Mergers and Acquisitions expertise ensures that your new or established business will comply with regulatory issues and governance standards. We offer specialized insurance products to manage representations and warranties, tax opinions, and run-off liabilities to ensure a solid deal structure and avoid transfer risks. Our support services include:

  • Risk profile analysis
  • Due diligence studies of all-lines insurance and risk management
  • Newly formed or changed entities coverage specifications
  • New placement insurance marketing strategies
  • Risk and insurance valuation of assets and liabilities
  • Environmental risk analysis and insurance placements
  • Customized risk-retention and risk-transfer program design
  • Risk transfer solution creation for deal-threatening issues
  • Client interest claim advocacy
  • Risk-management exit strategy collaboration

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