Cyber Risk

Complete Coverage Against Cyber Risk

Intellectual property, trade secrets, client data and pricing information are the rubies, emeralds and diamonds that give you a competitive edge. These ‘crown jewels’ are the data that, if compromised, could have a negative effect upon your organization’s balance sheet. In a worst-case scenario, release of this data could result in your firm closing its doors forever.

Network security and privacy liability policies are designed to protect PHI (Protected Health information), PII (Personally identifiable information) and payment card information, however, in certain instances, these same policies fail to extend coverage to the crown jewels.

Understanding Your Risk With Integro’s Crown JewelsSM Assessment

Integro’s Cyber Risk practice provides holistic solutions for issues created by cyber exposures, through our Crown Jewels assessment program. As a specialty broker, we focus on protecting our clients’ most important knowledge assets; as a global brokerage, we can affect change by securing coverage that safeguards those assets.

Safeguard Your Company’s Crown Jewels From Cyber Theft

Between third party access, employee negligence and the need for a dedicated cyber focus among those charged with managing risk, companies face numerous vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber theft. Integro’s brokers possess the knowledge and experience to help you accurately identify your company’s exposures and mitigate the risk with insurance.

In addition to exclusive, industry-leading coverage, Integro’s Cyber Risk practice offers both transactional knowledge and access to third-party readiness and preventative services.

Schedule an assessment with an Integro broker today to discuss your cyber risk strategy.