Claims Management & Consulting


At Integro, we strive for an Integrate – Facilitate - Advocate approach to claims and coverage. Integro has a model that Integrates our Coverage and Claims colleagues with strategic connections to placement, analytic and executive resources throughout the brokerage process. Our coverage knowledge and expertise often helps to Facilitate placing brokers, clients and underwriters arrive at the best available policy terms and conditions. When it comes to claims, we can Advocate for your interests, including employing strategies geared for maximum limits recovery.

You Benefit From Our Integrated Approach

Our team includes former practicing attorneys, risk managers, claim adjusters and insurance professionals with long and excellent coverage and claim advocacy histories. Together, we can:

  • Mitigate obstacles to coverage grants and responsiveness
  • Reduce claim life cycles
  • Facilitate more favorable, timely resolutions

The subtleties of claim and coverage claim strategy and negotiation require care, innovative practices, and valuable connections. Our coverage and claims advocates have experience and business sensitivity. Because our commitment is first, foremost and always to our clients’ best interests, we can be involved in the processes early; proactively working with the client, consultants and attorneys, underwriters and claims departments to strategically position maximum insurance coverage and limits recovery.

Claims Management & Consulting Considerations

Integro’s pre loss services available include:

  • Reviewing policy language and coverage specifications;
  • Providing underwriting support to assist in the carriers assessment of the Insured;
  • Identifying potential underlying exposures and trends to identify provisions of the policy that should respond to hypothetical claim scenarios;
  • Stress testing the integrity of policy language against how coverage might apply in various claims scenarios;
  • Manuscripting / negotiating protective language on critical policy terms;
  • Advocating/negotiating client interests directly with underwriters and insurers’ underwriting counsel;
  • Conferring with clients on claim and potential claim reporting processes;
  • Assisting in development/audit of litigation management program;
  • Establishing crisis response plan and identify specific response resources;
  • Coordinating adjuster and carrier agreements on experts / post loss procedures;
  • Review and audit of various program structures; and
  • Present coverage features and rationales to clients’ boards of directors;

After a claim, our post-loss underwriting and advocacy services available include:

  • Assisting in reporting claims and potential claims;
  • Advising clients on defense counsel options, best practices and defense counsel performance and negotiating insurer approval of defense panel selections;
  • Travelling to loss location where feasible;
  • Notifying and coordinating with pre-selected vendors;
  • Coordinating and negotiating all aspects of the claim through settlement;
  • Overseeing expense approval / payment while addressing contested cost issues;
  • Sophisticated analysis of carrier reservation of rights and/or coverage denials;
  • Advocating client claim interests in connection with coverage issues;
  • Facilitating proper information flow to mitigate coverage obstacles;
  • Monitoring settlement processes and addressing coverage issues that may interfere with client efforts to reach a timely and cost-effective resolutions; and
  • Facilitating Loss Engineering, including attending property loss inspections & meetings; developing plans to best utilize insurer and/or third-party loss control services; supporting program development analytics; and assisting with collection of international exposure data

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