Healthcare Provider Insurance

We Know Healthcare

The Integro healthcare team is known around the world for its expertise and passion in delivering exceptional brokerage and consulting services to the healthcare industry. We listen to your concerns, address your needs and help you meet your risk management objectives. Our integrated service delivery model, which combines proven analytics, coverage counsel analysis as well as seasoned and respected healthcare brokers, provides industry leading service and benefits that include:

  • Reduced total cost of risk
  • Comprehensive coverage assessment
  • Customized delivery platform
  • Maximum ROI from service partners
  • Pro-active loss identification
  • Fully-aligned service program
  • Optimal service without boundaries

Clients appreciate our transparency, collaborative approach, exceptional responsiveness, transactional excellence and customized risk financing solutions.

Healthcare Solutions for Hospitals, Physicians and More

Integro helps organizations and individuals get the right healthcare coverage. We design and implement customized solutions for all healthcare entities, including tailored healthcare insurance solutions for:

  • Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Systems
  • Physicians and physician groups
  • Managed care organizations
  • Senior care providers
  • ACOs/MSOs
  • Allied health professionals

We protect our clients from the full range of risks facing healthcare organizations today. We leverage our established industry relationships to help you control your costs and select the right healthcare coverage in an effective and creative manner.

Integro’s Healthcare Solutions

  • Healthcare Professional and General Liability
  • Managed Care Errors & Omissions
  • Integrated Risk policies/basket aggregate protection
  • Provider and Employer Stop Loss
  • Directors & Officers/Employment Practices Liability
  • Crime/Fiduciary/K&R
  • Network Privacy/Security (“Cyber”)
  • Billing/Regulatory Errors & Omissions
  • Clinical Trials
  • Surety Bonds
  • Property
  • Environmental Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation/Employee Benefits
  • Automobile/Ambulance Liability
  • Aviation and Heliport Liability
  • Terrorism
  • Alternative risk financing vehicles (Captives/RRGs)
  • Healthcare reform consulting

The Integro Process

Seven competencies support our proven ability to deliver exceptional results.

  1. Brokerage – our relationships with the markets and access to senior key underwriters deliver exceptional transactional results to you every time.
  2. Risk Analysis – our analytical methodologies deliver optimum program design and give you a choice when it comes to healthcare coverage.
  3. Modeling – our proprietary models help you understand how to transfer the right level of risk to the commercial market at the right cost.
  4. Risk Management – our coverage encompasses a thorough exploration of risk assumption, mitigation, and transfer strategies.
  5. Provider Excess and Stop Loss – our process anticipates catastrophic benefits claims and balances severity risk.
  6. Alternative Risk Financing – as the experts in ARF, we have created and serviced hundreds of Healthcare Captives in the U.S. and are now helping those captives flourish.
  7. Claims Advocacy - Our expertise in multiple lines of insurance including management and property risk helps us effectively advocate for your rights under the policies of the insurance you purchase. Our advocates are an integral part of your service team from the start.

Managing Complex Healthcare Risks

Healthcare reform in the U.S. has encouraged the creation of integrative networks of providers to achieve cost efficiency while maintaining or improving quality. These opportunities have resulted in new and evolving risks.

Healthcare organizations are charged with creating an integrated network of providers to care for populations of patients. A slate of common risks arise from that imperative.

Does your current coverage protect you from these risks?

  • Anti-trust claims by those not selected to participate in a network
  • Fraud and abuse in connection with referrals and incentives
  • Directors and Officers liability for lack of fiduciary oversight including credentialing and privileging
  • Vicarious malpractice liability for acts of others in a network
  • Increased malpractice liability for economically incented acts of omission
  • Increased malpractice liability for use of physician extenders
  • Increased workers compensation claims associated with rightsizing
  • Increased Employment Practice Liability claims associated with rightsizing
  • Privacy liability associated with unsecured and or mismatched EHR systems
  • Fines and penalties associated with increased regulatory scrutiny and incentives for whistle blowers
  • Liability as the result of care management protocols
  • Runaway costs due to lack of provider stop loss protection

Let’s talk healthcare

Integro’s seasoned professionals are one step ahead of risk; contact us today for help finding a solution.